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Virtual CIO Agency was founded with a mission: to have transformative technology lead to transformational businesses.

I am constantly asking myself how we can do more faster, more efficiently, drive more value, and have a greater impact- and that starts with reimagining everything technology can do for a company.  I want to demonstrate that the proper technology can be more than just a cost-saving measure, but help companies scale, be more profitable, and do good for their staff.  And it takes creativity and innovation to achieve those goals.

Every idea starts with a conflict that needs resolving.  Mine was simple: Companies are terrible at identifying the tech they need.

I was running a new project for a company that was on the verge of winning a new government program.  After winning, the requirements kept getting bigger, the timeline to deploy kept getting shorter.  The team I was running pulled it off with 3 hours to spare.  It felt mostly like dumb luck.  (We don’t recommend dumb luck as a method of success).

Time and again, I was faced with ill-defined requirements, poor communication, and shaky time lines.  I don’t think I am unique with these issues, but what are the options?

It turns out it’s a pretty simple explanation.  Companies in the 7-8 figure range have technical staff that is solely focused on the technology bells and whistles.  It takes a resource that can align the technology to a set of business goal drivers.

Virtual CIO agency was started to create that tech-business resource.  By working with business owners, technical teams, and third-party vendors, we’re able to provide premium solutions to pressing business issues with million-dollar results.

I believe that implementing technology should not be an opaque black box for the non-technical or a free-for-all for the tech crowd.  Tech initiatives should be crystal clear on the results that will be achieved, and the value created, for everyone involved.

Not every company has the number of resources of a Fortune 100 company.  But every company has the right to develop the right technical solution for their specific problem without wasting time and money on features that will be rarely used because of overzealous salespeople hawking features to the uninitiated.

Technology can be incredibly complicated to sort through.  But with the right guide at the table to sort through the noise, and create a crystal clear vision of the future, it doesn’t have to be impossible to master.

Transformative Technology, Transformative Business


John Barker


Meet John Barker


John Barker is a creative technologist with a passion for business.  With over 25 years of experience of consulting experience, John has a proven track record of developing effective technology strategies that drive results.  His unique approach to technology is rooted in his belief that every business has untapped potential to create more value for its customers and its own staff.  The most successful technology initiatives are where everyone is working towards the same goals and are connected to success on a deeper, emotional level.  When he’s not working on technology strategies, you can find John working out in his home gym, or hanging out with his wife Erin, dog Rocket, or cats ( Dash, Nibbler, and Trip).

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