Project Management Plan Review

See how these advisory components fit into the overall service matrix by downloading a one-page PDF here.

After you’ve decided to undertake a big change with your technology strategy you want to ensure its success. I’ve implemented hundreds of tech rollouts and I am proud to say I’ve never had a single one forced to roll back after it went live. But too many products face time and budget overruns for lack of planning, scope creep, improper testing during the development phase, and an improper go-live strategy.

With this service, I will review your technical project plan to identify gaps and weaknesses. I have a 3-phased approach that has yet to fail me on a product rollout whether it’s been for 10 people or 100,000.

With this engagement we will review:
• Project Scope
• Project Champions
• Project Resources
• Project Budget
• Project Timeline
• Project Key Milestones
• Project Communication Plan
• Project Risk Mitigation
• Project Development (i.e. the work)
• Project Deployment
• Project Quality Assurance
• Project Close Out

The size of your undertaking will determine the breadth and depth of each of the categories. The goal is to ensure a successful rollout of the new technology and ensure that end users are able to utilize the new tools successfully. This will typically can serve as a framework for future projects in your technology pipeline.

Location: Remotely.

Duration: 2–4-week review, plus 1-month post-support for continued implementation
Scheduling: A Project Management Review can usually be scheduled and locked in on the calendar within 1-3 weeks, depending on the time of the year.

Deliverable: Hours of industry-leading advice that follows a proven process, very carefully and concisely stated recommendations for your notetaking, with later expansions as necessary.
Implementation Guidance: Up to 1 month involving up to three significant interactions. It is agenda driven, which means that you’ll keep a log of the questions you have and we’ll address them in a batch. We don’t count email exchanges during the month. (This work is not a like a coach)

Participation Requirements: Senior Technology personnel or Principals gather required documentation. Selected managers and key employees participate based on their roles. Senior leadership is kept in the loop, but primarily internal personnel executing or oversight of the project is required.

Cost: $4,000 fee

Payment Terms: Prepaid and non-refundable. Via ACH, check or credit card (+3%)

“I have had the privilege of knowing and working with John Barker for 17 years.  His business solutions are both thoughtful and practical.  He is a life learner, so I know when I work with John, I am getting the latest thinking across the industry of thought leaders. His tools and templates have provided me with realistic and practical prompts to get started on various projects.”

– Cara Parker

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